What is the best team with ponti

I have a 5* ponti with 2 enabler runes...

but i cant decide a team to use him on

i dont have a fully ascended jin, lily, agnon, archon, reyla,

i was thinking about this shade,ponti,selwyn and solaris what do you guys think


  • For attack or defense? Pontifex is often used with Jin because of Jin's paralyizing follow up attacks.
  • for attack
  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    I use a similar team, but all my enabler runes are on Selwyn so he's always in iceblock unless someone purges it, makes him almost impossible to kill and with Solaris you're pretty much bound to win with some patience, definitely keep shade he helps keep debuffs off of ponti and spirit link gets rid of annoying heros like lily and aria
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