Tried mod apk and now I can't play


I'm not going to lie and I'm going to be straight: I saw a video in youtube about a mod apk of dungeon boss, so out of curiosity I tried using it and installed it. Obviously it did not work, so I uninstalled it. But when I wanted to play the original game, it would get stuck in the loading bar with the words "Loading... (Login)", and it seems I can't do anything...

- Uninstalling and reinstalling
- Deleting cache
- Using sd maid to remove all data of the app
- Changing phone MAC and IP
- Desyncronizing my google account (the one I used to log in)

I can login with another phone so I'm not banned or anything.
I know what I did is bad, and against the rules, but I'm begging you, I just want to play again.
Thanks in advance.
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