A bunch of Fan-Made Heroes

I come up with a lot of loose ideas while I’m in the shower. My goal is to make a new character for each element while also filling in roles.

Dark- “Cerberus” Legendary Undead Beast. Signature move is 3 consecutive attacks (3 heads, 3 bites) and a passive that is both complimenting & parallel to Zomm and Solaris, like for every death on the field he gets a heal, ATK+ or Health boost. Resurrection=synergy. There are a few heroes that are mixed family classes, but this guy would synergize with two big families. A bit frightening, he would definitely be very popular.

Light- “Cupid” or “Love Demon”
Valentina the Demon Healer, Chain or Bow weapon
Signature move- “Chain of Love”: Target enemy is Linked with another random enemy, “Chained” enemies share all damage split between them, cannot be removed. Once one dies, the other becomes “heart-broken” and no longer heals or gains buffs
Passive- Allies ignore first debuff, while Demon allies redirect it onto the attacker
Most Demons are vulnerable to debuffs, especially Wound. Malice, Ella, and specifically Tsune’s epic attack are a joke without their healing. A demon healer helping them out sounds nice.

Blue- “Weather Dragon” like Quetzalcoatl. Rogue. Uses Permafrost which freezes and ignores immunity to freeze.

Green- “Magic Mirror” Construct Caster. The type with a face in it like Sleeping Beauty
Passive- Construct allies, at full health, Blind melee attackers.

Red- “Tengu” Honorbound Rogue. Inspired by Yoshimitsu of Soul Caliber
A ninja that wears a Tengu, or an Oni mask. Ranged Fire Shuriken weapon, definitely wanna see some new ninja stuff.
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