List of special runes

I’m curious if there are any runes with “special” 4th stat bonuses of which I’m not aware. Does anyone have a complete list?

Here’s the valuable ones I know:

Survive killing blow (unbreakable)
+1 energy (Festive)
Defense buff (Guardian)
Extra basic attack
Taunt + def buff


  • The dungeon boss wiki might have this info, but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while.

    I would add Enabler, Heal, and Shield Piercing runes to your list of valuable runes.
  • What is Enabler?
  • Enabler runes increase the chance of an epic attack.
  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    There's inhibitor runes which decreases basic attack and epic attack damage against that hero, also the new one that was released through PvP rewards which give heros the evasion buff for first turn

    Not sure if these count but there are the family specific runes
    Assassin which gives assassin heros chance to off balance on basic hit
    Plant which reflects damage against attackers (says melee only but works on anyone)
    Ogre which can decrease enemy attack when getting hit I think
    Arcane which gives basic attacks a chance to add a random debuff to enemies
    There's Honorbound too but I don't think those do anything special
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