Hero Spotlight: Grondar

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Meet the new Hero, Grondar! He will help in defeating the infamous Boss and join you in your adventures! Although he is always ready to take one for the team, he will bite anyone that taps on his shell to wake him up.

Grondar, who had once been the ruler and strongest of his kind has been hibernating for over 500 years. He has awakened and although he could wrest power from General Krexx, he is more interested in protecting over the Reptile family.

Element: Light: +30% bonus against Dark enemies

Rarity: Legendary

Tags: Reptile Tank
  • Traits:
  • REPTILIAN RETALIATION: Allies do not trigger Revenge hits from enemy team.
  • ARMORED: Takes less damage from physical attacks
  • SLOW POKE: Attacks last, but increases base Max Health and has 100% chance to prevent the first killing blow.
  • ONE FOR ALL: When killed, heals 25% of damage taken from the killing blow split between all allies.

Abilities and Ascensions:
  • PERENNIAL STRIKE: Attacks reduce the target's ATK by 20% and stacks 3 times on the same target. Lasts 3 turns per stack.
  • DAUNTING GLEAM: 3 melee physical attacks that lower DEF -25% for enemy target and lasts 2 turns. Adds Reflective Plate, a buff that reflects the next debuff on any ally or team and apply it to the attacker or enemy team instead. Lasts until consumed, can’t be stolen, copied or purged.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • 30 Light Evo
  • 20 Nature Monarch
  • 5 Jeweled Evo
  • 2 Shadow Evo

NEW Traits!
  • SCALED RESPONSE: Reflects 50% of any damage taken and 5% extra for each other Reptile on the team.
  • ONE FOR ALL II: When killed, heals 35% of damage taken from the killing blow split between all allies.

NEW Ability!
  • CRYSTALIZED CARAPACE: Taunt, forcing enemies to target this hero with attacks, and has 75% damage reduction from attackers. Heal allies the amount of damage taken. Reduces the ATK of the enemy attacker by -15% while the taunt is active and the enemy hits him.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • 40 Nature Monarch
  • 60 Light Monarch
  • 8 Brawny Evo
  • 5 Astral Evo

NEW Traits!
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION: At the start of a dungeon the ally with the lowest DEF becomes untargetable until Grondar dies. AOE can affect the hero, Taunt or Provoke on the ally will remove the buff. Can’t be stolen, copied or purged.
  • SHELL POWER: Allied Heroes gain Shell protection (allies cannot be Burned, Frozen, Chilled, Paralyzed or Shocked).
  • ONE FOR ALL III: When killed, heals 45% of damage taken from the killing blow split between all allies.

NEW Ability!
  • VITAL VIGILANCE: Prepares to defend a targeted ally. The next 3 times that ally is targeted by an attack, this Hero will jump in front of them, blocking the attacks and preventing damage for both Heroes. After defending their ally, this Hero will do a Revenge attack for 100% base damage against the enemy. Can’t be stolen, copied or purged.
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  • Yep... this seals it for me. The DB team has doubled down on the greed once more, and I've uninstalled the game because of it. Instead of trying to make the game better, all they've done is continue to greatly expose the game's problems four times in a row. I don't know what else to say so I'll just leave with this.

    I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed... very, very, disappointed.
    I'm just your friendly neighborhood degenerate
  • BonzoRuRuBonzoRuRu Member
    And DB continues on a downhill spiral to completely P2W... nice
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