Day 4 quest doesn’t update progress

For the. Kragle Day 4 quest to use reptiles in PvP 8 times. The quest fails to update. I’ve used different reptiles as well as all reptile team. Also restart/reset does seem to help. The counter is stuck at 0/8


  • phoxterphoxter Member
    Ya, it doesn’t work.
  • GoliatheGoliathe Member
    edited May 26
    Same thing is happening to me, but the other quest to win 8 PVP with a reptile is working.

  • ThaltoronThaltoron Member
    It doesn't work for me either. Stuck at 0. I complete viper is and 2 with grounder. Still sitting at 0.
  • ThaltoronThaltoron Member
    *completed it with viperia and did 2 more with grondar. Still at 0.
  • Broken for me too. Ran 5 PVP with the new turtle, still show 0/8
  • GoliatheGoliathe Member
    Apparently Agnon (not a reptile) works. Myself and several of my guild mates did it with him and it registers!
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    edited May 26
    Use Constructs, not Reptiles. Coding error.
  • LordMagsLordMags Member
    Yes, reptile pvp cost me day 4 completion
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