Patch Notes: June 6th, 2019

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  • Fixed a bug related to Reyla’s Command passive and Yasmin’s Cure
  • Fixed a variety of bugs related to Aversion not working correctly, and updated the in-game description to clarify that it cannot be stolen, purged, or copied.
  • Fixed Grondar's Scaled Response

NOTE: The rewards that are currently listed for the “Win 50/100/150 raids” quests are incorrect and will be updated shortly to have higher payouts. There is also a quest that says “Heavy” heroes, that should say “Slow” heroes and will be fixed soon as well.

UPDATE: The quest fixes are now up, thank you for your patience. We are also aware of the bug related to Aversion and taunt-immune heroes and are investigating it with high priority.

UPDATE 2: We have patched the Aversion rune issue and are sending all players raid tickets in the mail. Also, I forgot to mention that Grondar's scaled response was fixed in the initial patch notes for the day. That's been added now.
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