The PVP Grand Tourney begins today!

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What’ NEW
  • Archon, Grondar and Pontifex get a small boost on Attack and Defense based on the number of stars they have.
  • There’s also the new Foresight rune that gives the Foresight buff at the start of battle. During this event, it will also give the equipped hero an extra 10% damage in PVP! Multiple Foresight Rune boosts do not stack, but you can have multiple heroes using Foresight runes on the same team.

Here are a few reminders about how the event works:
  • The leaderboards are completely based on PvP Trophies. Any trophies you earn are counted towards your Guild's total, and any trophies lost are deducted, until your personal contribution reaches zero. At no point can your personal contribution become negative.
  • There are ranked leaderboards for your guild, as well as ranked/threshold individual leaderboards for the full tournament and threshold individual leaderboards per day.
  • PVP Streaks are deactivated throughout the event, and therefore, this week's season.
  • The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, June 10th. Get ready for epic battles!
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