Hero Spotlight: Yan Luo

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Welcome the new Hero, Yan Luo! You get the chance to join the dark side along with him!
Brother of Jin Lei, Yan Luo exists between the world of honor and the shadow realm with an ever tortured soul.

Yan Luo and Jin Lei grew as brothers, but their spirits within could not be more different. Where Jin Lei was bright and represented the good in Pandakin, Yan Luo was dark and possessed by thoughts of death and eternal power. Although locked in an endless hostile contest of opposite elements, their connection was deeper than ever.

Element: Dark: +30% bonus against Light enemies

Tags: Legendary Honorbound Caster

  • MUTUAL HELP: Whenever an ally uses an ability that applies a debuff, this hero will heal 15% of their base Health.
  • SLOW: Attacks last, but boosts ATK & HP (25%) plus has a chance to Revenge any physical attack.
  • HONORBOUND: This hero is Honorbound and takes less damage from AOE attacks and Buffs applied to this hero last an additional round.
  • SOULESS SCOURGE: Immune to poison, venom. Wound, and Disease. Lifesteals 25% of all damage dealt.
  • MYSTICAL: Increased damage to Tanks and Slow targets.

Abilities and Ascensions:
  • MORTAL ASSAULT: Ranged Dark attack with a chance to apply a random debuff.
  • GLOOM CAGE: Ranged Dark attack on an enemy that reduces ATK of melee Heroes for 3 turns and deals double damage against ranged Heroes. Reduces target’s Evasion to 0 for 3 turns, can't be dodged.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • Dark Evo Monarch: 15
  • Nature Evo Monarch: 30
  • Arcane Evo: 5
  • Crypt Evo: 2

NEW Traits!
  • IMMORTAL BOND: All Dark and Honorbound Heroes gain 10% Damage reduction +10% ATK against Silenced targets. Honorbound allies gain Shrouded for one turn (takes less damage and immune to all Debuffs).
  • MYSTICAL II: Further increased damage to Tanks and Slow targets.

NEW Ability!
  • MURKY SHIELD: Shield-Piercing Ranged Dark attack on an enemy target that activates Murky Shield on self. Grant Paralysis and Silence immunity for 3 turns to all ally team. Enemies can't trigger revenge hits.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • Light Evo Monarch: 40
  • Dark Evo Monarch: 60
  • Stormwind Evo: 8
  • Runed Evo: 4

NEW Traits!
  • IMMORTAL BOND II: All Dark and Honorbound Heroes gain 25% Damage reduction 20% ATK against Silenced targets. Honorbound allies gain Shrouded for one turn (takes less damage and immune to all Debuffs).
  • MYSTICAL III: Further increased damage to Tanks and Slow targets.
  • SHADOW PURGE: Purge a debuff on the lowest DEF Hero after each turn. If there are no debuffs on that Hero add 50% +DEF for 3 turns.
  • YIN AND YANG: Whenever another ally is Shocked or Paralyzed, this Hero and any Honorbound Hero will make a Retaliation Basic Attack on the enemy attacker.

NEW Ability!
  • FOG OF WAR: Ranged Dark attack on enemy team. Casts a deadly fog on all enemies and applies Diseased for 3 turns. Allies gain damage reduction from epic attacks for 3 turns.
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  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    @Joel you guys just released Grodar only 21 days ago! WTF!?!?!?! Slow down your roll there boss. Give us like 3 months between heroes so we have time to level them up and play with them in the meta. This is just a ridiculous cash grab marketing scheme and we're getting tired of it!!!
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Fun facts:

    "In Chinese Mythology, Yanluo Wang (閻羅, Wade-Giles: Yen-lo) is a Chinese deity and the ruler of the underworld Diyu. The name Yan Luo is a shortened Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit term Yama Raja (閻魔羅社). He is also the judge of the underworld and passes judgment on all the dead.

    According to legend, he is often equated with Yama (Buddhism), but actually, Yanluo Wang has his own number of stories and long been worshipped in China. His personification is always male, and his minions include a judge who holds in his hands a brush and a book listing every soul and the allotted death date for every life. Bullhead and Horseface, the fearsome guardians of hell, bring the newly dead, one by one, before Yan Luo for judgement. Men or women with merit will be rewarded good future lives, or even revival in their previous life. Men or women who committed misdeeds will be sentenced to torture and/or miserable future lives. Yanluo is not one particular god. There were said to be cases in which an honest mortal was rewarded the post of Yanluo."
  • Question: Because Yan Luo has, and I quote: “Soulless Scourge.” Shouldn’t that technically also label him as a Legendary “Undead” Honorbound Caster? Because if I remember correctly, Only Undead heroes would have Soulless Scourge.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • 6p3nc5clnil1.pngq4z5ob6o7u3a.png
  • Here’s the photos for the bug I mentioned in discord @xtmn8r
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    edited June 18
    In-game the trait YIN AND YANG is called EPIC DEFENSE. But fly-out texts show Yin and Yang. Which one is correct?

    Thanks for the portal double feature! :smile:
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