Event shop does not deliver.

I bought the 50 raid tickets in the current event shop for 5k event tickets but did not receive the raid tickets. It took my event tickets though.


  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    DB is aware of it, posts on Discord.
    (Ps - Forum is dead!)
  • Tried discord. Don’t like it. They have a perfectly good forum here that every single player can use without downloading yet another app. They only went there because Discord is probably paying them to bring people in. Not going to be one their numbers.
  • Concur. Staying here. Online Discord doesn't support discussion "thread", is app the same? If so, less chance for users to effectively complain and hold them responsible.

    Already have LINE and a few others, not want ANOTHER messaging app. My poor little ipad is angry enough that Apple won't support past IOS 10.3.3.

    In my opinion, Game forums, provided by each game author, is the way to go.

    And in my opinion, properly designed web pages can do all the same things as FACEBOOK without the sole gatekeeper.

    its like all the game developers sharing the same support call center. (could happen.)

    /soapbox off
    /for now
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