More then 50 pvp wins and not one time a 200 tickets bonus, day3

More then 50 pvp wins and every time only 50 tickets per win. How could I collect 15k? I have to work, slepp and can't fight 24 hours. What should I do to get the reward? Greetings


  • Quit your job and drink enormous amounts of coffee.
  • ButzkeButzke Member
    Are u a employee? If u post a bugg ure happy about this kind of massages? There is no help with this troll, ty gl hf greetings
  • I took a look at 15K tier on day one and just decided that's not gonna happen. Wasn't even worth exerting the energy to use a bad word. Completed the quests which took me to about 5K, called it a day.

    I bought myself a weed wacker, checked out what new movies were available via TV, watched a little politics, made myself a good meal - spent some time in a fun and (cough, free) app I like, and came back the next day for another 5K.

    To paraphrase an old movie from the '80s (War Games)..."An interesting game...the only winning move is not to play."

    I'm basically using this waste of an event as an excuse to get the minimum tier each day, and level up some of my heroes. Its nice to have free time.
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