Aria needs some fixing

Hello. I am not usually one to rant about a game but Aria has pissed me off enough to talk about it. I don’t see the point of making a character who dodges 40% of the time and EVERY time you are off balance. Considering the fact that her second ability puts everyone off balance, you then sit there for a couple of minutes and watch your team be put in the rinse and repeat cycle of off balance to revenge until your entire team dies to one character who doesn't even feel like a character. If you even read these or actually take advice from these, please do something about Aria. I can not even describe how irritating it is when I lose a battle to a low level pvp just because Aria wasn't touched the entire game. Maybe you could at least change the rule of always dodging on off balance to a chance of percent of dodging from characters off balance. Not to mention her 40% chance of dodging ranged attacks still seems to dodge everything ranged or not. I just feel like she takes the fun out of the pvp since I haven’t even had a battle in awhile where shes not in the enemy team roster. Sorry for such a long rant but please do something about Aria.


  • Friends tell me to try Valkin, dwarves don't miss.
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    And Samurais never miss, too.

    And there were just 2 new heroes released that render Aria helpless:
    - Grondar blocks all revenge attacks
    - Yan Luo can cage her, makes her a sitting duck, blocks revenge attacks
    (Aria caged and paralyzed)

    And while we are on it:
    - Shade can spirit link her. She kills herself.
    - Zulkodd can banish her, self cleanses 3 debuffs at the beginning of his turn (=no off-balance) and makes all demons immune to revenge attacks.

    This alone are 12 heroes to counter her... and there are more.

    Nobody wants to spend several hundred of thousands(!) hard earned Aether and 60(!) celestial evos for a legendary hero that has little to no use.

    Wait a while. Soon people have fully ascended Reyla teams. Maybe then you will be happy that you have Aria who can dodge ranged attacks very well? (Just watch out for Yan Luo :open_mouth: )
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    Here, say hello to Reyla!


    If you don't know Reyla let me introduce her:
    She is fast & makes all of her allies to use their special attacks - all at once! - before you even can do anything!

    Of course this doesn't require them any energy so when it's their turn they can use their special attacks AGAIN.

    To clarify, here an example of the attack order (picture above):
    - Reyla, plus follow-ups of Daeris, Icebloom & Jin (special attacks, not basic attacks!)
    - Daeris (special attack again)
    - Icebloom (special attack again)
    I want to mention that Reyla's 1st special attack also removes all buffs from your heroes.
    Now it's your turn... if you have any heroes alive or not frozen. Good luck.

    Sounds fair, heh? But wait!
    On top of this Rela can do this "sophisticated game mechanics" twice and your heroes will get another volley of special attacks in round 2.

    And there was a time we thought that beasts, barbarians, dwarves and Aria were owerpowered :/
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