Solstice of Flame – Grab your sun cream and join Archon and Solaris in the hunt for Imp Demons!

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A mass of Imp Demons has invaded the Evo Island. Find the nightmarish brutes in dungeons and defeat them to complete the Imp Invasion special quests and gain awesome rewards! Extra Imp Demon enemies are featured in the Bottomless Crypts event dungeon to help you reach your goals. Archon and Solaris will be your companions in this blasting adventure!

How this blazing event works:
- Collect Embers from quests, dungeons and PvP chests! Spend Embers in the Event shop for extra loot!
- You can also gain Embers by winning PvP Raids! Get up to 3 star wins for maximum payouts, however, losing or retreating from a raid will not grant any Embers, so spend your raid tickets carefully. You can get Bonus points in PvP Raids if you win having Archon/Solaris in your team, as each Hero will grant an extra point on the Individual Leaderboard for a maximum of 3 points gained from a PvP Raid.
- Compete with the other players on both the Individual Leaderboard (tracking points for the duration of the event) and the Daily Threshold Leaderboard (tracking daily Embers).
- Points on the Individual Leaderboard are awarded by either completing/quick looting Crypt Dungeons or winning PvP Raids.
- For bonus rewards, come back each day and complete the daily threshold Leaderboards (Daily threshold Leaderboards reset each day at 8am central time with New Goals and New Rewards for Embers collected).
- Do not avoid the scorching heat, embrace it! Get your flame on during dungeons and PvP as Fire heroes Archon and Solaris receive the Burning Skin ability: Chance to Burn Melee Attackers.

New Rune Available!
- Obtain the new Ironclad Fire Rune from either Event Quests or the Event Shop and equip it to your favorite heroes to get an awesome boost for the duration of the event!
- The New Ironclad Fire Rune will give +15% DEF to equipped hero in all game modes while the event is active (multiple Ironclad Rune boosts don’t stack). The Rune is available to buy in the shop or by completing the Dungeon Assault event quest!

The event ends at 8am central time on Thursday, July 11th. Get ready to set those Imps on fire!



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