Caster Rumble! – Join the Caster Heroes in a mystical adventure!

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What is this sorcery and how does it work:
- Complete quests each day for event Tickets and spend them in the event Ticket Shop for awesome mystical rewards!
- Caster Heroes gain 2.5% Attack and 2.5% Defense per star in all game modes.
- Heroes equipped with either Soul Stealer or Vampiric runes gain a 5% DEF & HP boost throughout the event.
- The boost is applied for any Soul Stealer or Vampiric rune equipped on a hero. (Multiple rune boosts do not stack) During the event, the boost will be applicable in all game modes.
- Compete with all other players on the Individual Leaderboard which tracks Leaderboard Points, and on the Daily Thresholds which track daily event Tickets! The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards.
- Win PvP Raids with Caster Heroes to gain points on the Individual Leaderboard. You gain 1 Leaderboard Point for each Star on the Caster Heroes you bring!
Check out Kai Makani’ s cool summer costume!
- Complete all Aspirational Quests and unlock the cool Coral Kai Makani skin, just perfect for this blazing summer!
- Use the Coral Kai Makani skin in a PvP winning team and gain an EXTRA 25 points! Now that’s some cool magical suit!

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, July 22nd. Get ready for some supernatural battles with the Caster Heroes in the spotlight!
Please note that the Event shop will last until 8am central time, on Tuesday, July 23rd.



  • ColliyesColliyes Member
    I'm all for grinding, but the dungeon/PVP reward ticket payouts seem pretty low in this event. The daily quests give you 6,000 tickets, but the end-of-dungeon rewards range between 25-75 tickets; you need to play through around 60 extra dungeons just to get enough for the tier II daily threshold. Ouch :(
  • JohnTJohnT Member
    edited July 21
    The Day 4 Repeat Offender quest doesn't seem to increment when I win a raid, staying at 0/10. And in PVP the Win Streak counter stays at 0. But the Guild quest Raid Training is incrementing when I attempt a raid.

    UPDATE: It just started tracking new raid wins.
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