Boss Invasion: Impostor’s Folly!

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Event rules and awesome NEW loot:

- Team up with your Guild and take down Craal, the Impostor! A new juggling ally, Miko, the Marvelous, will join you in this dazzling adventure!
- Check out these NEW amazing event runes: HEARTSTOPPER & VALOR! The HEARTSTOPPER event rune guarantees a critical on all attacks if equipped. While equipped with the VALOR event rune, gain 3x Damage in the Event Dungeon!
- Event dungeon is reset after 4 hours OR by defeating the Boss with your Guild!
- Complete Quests for great Prizes that will help you juggle the wacky Boss!
- Damage dealt to the Boss earns Guild Points, so hit him using every trick up your sleeve!
- Miko, the Marvelous gets up to 5x Attack and Health boost against Craal based on their star level, and his allies get half of that boost.
- There are individual and guild leaderboards as well as Daily Threshold leaderboards.
- The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards.

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, July 29th. Get ready to show off on the battlefield with lots of awesome tricks and bedazzle your opponents!

Cool stat boosts to Cruel King Bramble: Long Live The King
- Attack: 10% increase
- Defense: 20% increase
- Max HP: 10% increase


  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited July 24
    My first impressions:

    Event rune not available in store unless you pay $$$ or 5-7K gems.

    No event-ticket-style items available in shop.

    At first glance the incomplete-dungeon seems to be a low reward - this would be new to Boss invasion and would give players who actually kill the boss a huge point advantage and skews the leaderboards - this may be an inaccurate observation and I'll observe further.

    Players who can play the first few easy completions are also at an advantage.

    It appears that, except for the daily thresholds, there aren't any accessible rewards for the average player.
  • ...later noticed two quests to win the runes....swear they weren't there before...
  • Hey there!
    Could you put the 15k gems for 25$ deal back in the shop, before the event ends. Me and many guildmates was going to buy it for a last few day push in the event. Other gem offers are too expensive sadly.. Thanks!
  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    Dear devs,

    this event was a bit fun for the high level players until you patched it totally broken. I understand that you had to fix the Zola/stoned exploit/glitch/bug/whatever. I wasn't aware of this. BUT you also stealth-buffed the boss without any notice! WTF?!
    Now he can one-shot hasted/dodging heroes, never misses, and dazes on CRITs.
    Even if I avoid haste the boss now can suddenly kill my heroes with ease. It's ridiculous.

    Such changes on day 2 of the event are ABSOLUTELY NO FUN!
    It took me 3 attempts - that's 8 hours wait time for a top 50 guild member!! - to figure out what is going on. First I thought it's because we reached next stage. But no, you buffed him completely broken.

    And here a few numbers to think about: I'm in top 500 global ranking and in a top 50 guild. See how many players having fun?

    Day 2 of the event: Curtains! :(
  • atKorosLitatKorosLit Member
    edited July 27
    This is really the only game I play on my device and has been for at least 3 years now. I’ve got to say though, this game is getting really bad. Most players can’t even get a new hero to five stars before a new hero comes out. And why are you guys making all hero’s legendary now?! At least make a gold hero so is hopefully easier to get leveled up and ascended. Man this game was really fun, and I was looking forward to this new hero and event until I saw how it all worked. First of all, the new hero is a goblin... I rlly expected some goblin reworks along with the event. And then the event dungeon it’s self isn’t even that fun anymore. Especially when you beat him more and the dungeon gets harder, I don’t even get a chance to deal at least 1 million damage before my team is wiped out. This game had so much potential and I just feel like the developers are lazy, ignorant, and just flat out don’t care about the game anymore. I rlly hope this game can become popular again and become a rlly fun game again. And honestly, I would probably not be typing this if it weren’t for the stupid star requirement to ascend hero’s. I’m sure everyone would be a little happier if that wasn’t a thing... I just hope that the game can become fun again because I rlly like the game and I do t wanna stop playing it, but I’m starting to see that this game is just getting worse and worse. I wonder if the devs even care about these messages. I personally am not trying to make them upset or whatever, I just want them to do a better job...
  • A comment about this event. Apparently after the exploit was patched, it was stated that the use of the exploit made no difference in the standings... I am not sure of the logic behind this, but it left the guilds who discovered it with an insurmountable lead and caused hurt feelings among the rest of the community.
    Ok, it's only a game. Maybe people shouldn't take it so personally. But many people felt that they were being lied to...
    I get it, I really do. There was NO good way to figure out what the scores would have been if there was no exploit, and no way to adjust the rewards that were handed out by that point. But perhaps next time something goes south (and we're only human, so it will) another option would be good.
    For example, don't just patch the exploit. Instead, shut it off after boss level 100 (or whatever the top guild got to). Now the exploit could be used to try and catch up but NOT to pass the first place guild. They would still have whatever lead they could build up while everyone else was still trying to catch up, but the lead would no longer be insurmountable. Sure, most guilds would then get max rewards, but honestly handing out a few extra tokens because of a glitch shouldn't matter. And nobody could complain that someone else had an unfair advantage.
  • MaxBeamerMaxBeamer Member
    edited August 1
    I honestly don’t think the exploit had that big of an effect on the leaderboard. Once I found out about it I was able to use it 3 times before it was fixed. Yes it allowed me to reach maximum damage per fight, BUT each fight took 30 minutes.

    Also there have been exploits found in every one of these events so far because the devs suck at their jobs. Whoever finds them first gets the most benefit out of them. It’s stilł fair. What isn’t fair is the devs changing or fixing things mid event.
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