PVP Crashing

Hi guys

I have for the past week been having issues with the game crashing, particularly at the beginning of PVP dungeons (specifically, when selecting a dungeon). When I log back in, it gives me no option to continue and the dungeon/stream is lost.

This has made building streaks completely impossible, which in turn has had a massive impact on PVP season rewards as well as recent event quests.

Are you aware of this issue and able to rectify?

Many thanks.


  • So, still having significant issues with this. Have deleted the app, reinstalled and recovered account and still no difference. As well as PvP, this is also now starting to occur when starting regular dungeons.

    This is having a HUGE impact on current GT event, as well as making everyday play extremely frustrating.

    I would very much like this post acknowledged at least, and look forward to hearing your response.

    Many thanks.
  • Do you get an error popup? Thalia with something like this "Error - Error Code: F0A4F23EF". Or does the app just close? The later happens often when there is not enough memory (not storage, but memory used by other apps & services running)
  • The app just closes. Sometimes allows to continue dungeon when logging back in, more often just logs it as a loss. I shall certainly try and pay attention to the number of apps running in the background and see if that solves it. Thanks for the tip.
  • OcryusOcryus Member
    I'm getting a frequent crash as well. It seems mostly to be happening in PVP when an opponent's character dies. It's especially annoying when I'm on the verge of winning a match and down it goes. I am mostly getting the "Error - Error Code: C8439C37" codes (The actual code is different each time, this is just the latest one to show.) Only once did the game drop out entirely. But it has to restart and tries to continue the dungeon, which results in more crashes. Sometimes I've gotten past it, but most of the time, the only solution is to quit that match and try again. (Again, that really sucks when you would have won the match!)

    The only thing I can think of that changed between before the crashes and now is that I acquired Malice's Epic.
  • I've been getting the occasional crash for well over a year. It does seem to happen more frequently during heavy pvp.
  • I am also getting various error codes and then the games restarts. It happens mostly when the opponents pvp team has pontifax. When I kill pontifax the games slows down an error code appears and then the games restarts. I have also seen this happening when i, a PvP opponent or a tower defender performs mikos clone ability. When the clone is killed, an error code appears and the game restarts. If i continue the dungeon, the same thing will happen with the pontifax or the miko glitch unless i change the way i attack. Sometimes it works but other times it just crashes again.
  • Tyx31Tyx31 Member
    Same thing is happening to me Thaltoron. It's been happening the last three days. Incredibly frustrating but based on the fact there is no dev comments on this thread they may not have noticed or cared
  • jrurdajrurda Member
    I have been having this problem almost daily for a few weeks now. This particular crash happens after hero selection when the PVP dungeon is started. the game crashes to my iphone's (6+) home screen. when I reselect the game it starts in the village with no error code and no option to resume the PVP dungeon. This is different from chashing out of PVE where I do get the option to reenter the dungeon upon restart.

    This bug affects score and needs attention
  • with the current changes and the Quest using PvP wins, this bug is still causing losses without being allowed to enter the PvP Dungeon to fight. the fight log evens show a loss without any playback because nothing happened. this has been persisting for a while with little feedback and no sign of resolution.
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