New heroes

Hey every body ! I was thinking if we could kind of make a group for new dungeon boss characters . I already have a few characters and viewed your heroes and they seem pretty sick . I hope i'll see more people Heroes . See you


  • hi
    have you seen my hero ideas
  • for example Void The Portal Master or Sludgeon or Jig-saw or Sub Zero and some others like Slacino
  • SoulEaterSoulEater Member
    edited August 11
    and Gystanium its one of my favourite ones I've made
    and Bangledash/Anglerdash
    and Glunkelton and Swashbuckle and the Berris which are separate ones
    Blu and Cherryl and Blaxbriz also look at Chester and Chestin separate hero ideas that are based on mimics
    also look at Hydriania try find them if you can some of the heroes are on fan made heroes and some on community creations
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