Archon 3 stars, ascended

Hi, can someone tell what runes on Archon is the best? (70 lvl in game, so superior or elite runes only)
My runes: RED Superior Community Rune (attack +607, skill +258, attack +304, basic attacks have shield piercing)
RED Superior Vampiric Rune (attack +573, skill +248, health +608, heals 10% of damage dealt)
GREEN Superior Battle Rune (attack +607, attack +304, crit chance +5.44%)
YELLOW Greater Champion Rune (defense +478, defense +239, attack +263, heals +8% of Max Health at the end of each round)
PURPLE Greater Community Rune (defense +478, defense +239, health +570, +10% Damage Reduction in PvP)
Can I make him stronger/better, someone know?


  • Maybe replace the purple rune with another attack rune.

    I've seen players use him full attack with festive runes for attack. The extra energy from festive runes is used to have his 3rd special attack ready and to nuke everything. But for this, you need him fully ascended.

    For defense you can try full attack, too. If you have Reyla (no ascension needed) you can let her go first. Her attack will purge all buffs from attackers. Then Archon can him them hard. Archon is fast, immune to silence and shielded.

  • I’m not an expert with Archon. I’ve been intrigued but never very impressed with him.

    That said, I would focus 100% on offence/attack with Archon. Attack & festives. defence will not be effective.
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