DARK VS LIGHT - Join the Elemental standoff!

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Similar to previous elemental VS events, here’s how this event works:

- When you log into the game, you’ll see the “Dark VS Light” event image, which will have a button for each element. Tap on the element that you want to team up with that day.
- Each day during the event, you'll be able to choose Dark or Light and will get access to a special leaderboard, dungeon and hero boost** until 8 am central time the next day, when you'll be able to select a side again.
- The boost will give heroes of that element slightly increased attack, defense, health, skill AND will do a basic follow-up attack after ANY (non follow-up) attack made by other allies of that color!
- You will be able to choose again starting at 8am central time each day of the event. You can swap elements or choose the same one each day!
- Depending on the element you choose, you will get access to a leaderboard that tracks the number of Crypt (Dark) or Mountain (Light) dungeons you complete/quick loot AND any Raids you win with at least two heroes of that element. The leaderboard will pay out at around 8:15am central time every day when the new event day starts.
- There will be also guild leaderboards that will track contributions for both Crypt and Mountain dungeons, plus Raid victories with at least two heroes of one of the elements (winning a Raid with one Dark hero and one Light hero will NOT count) that will pay out at the end of the event.

Note:In PVP, the elemental boost chosen by the attacker will be active for both sides of the battle.

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, August 19th, so choose wisely if you wanna blind your enemies with radiant attacks or bring gloomy darkness upon them!
The Event Shop will close at the same time as the event, as there is no specific Event currency.

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