cool hero ideas

I think it would be cool if people made fan-made heros that are based on gods and deities of different beliefs. For example:
Raijin and Fujin from Shinto (Japanese)
Zeus or other members of the greek/roman pantheon
Ganesha or Vishnu or some other hindu god
maybe Ah-Puch or some other mayan god
Thor or Loki from the norse pantheon.

I hope that people will take these ideas and try to make some good ideas. If you don't know what these deities "look" like, earch up what they look like, also if there are more deities or gods that you would like to make, then go for it! Good luck! :)
With unnatural fear he stirs up a fright, To scared to stay and fight
The enemy fled, Only to be struck dead
As his purging pyre lit up the night


  • How about another legendary dwarf instead, or legendary barbarian :p (because we TOTALLY need one of those). But that would be cool to have some deity inspired heroes.
    There once was a monster from the ice
    But here's a bit of advice
    Don't try to fight him, your fate will be quite grim
    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
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