Set the battlefield ablaze with Archon’s Assault!

ShuuShuu Member, Moderator, Boss Fight
Here’s how this blazing event works plus the blasting perks that come along:

- The fiery Archon is now boosted in the Heroic Portal!
- Collect the special Embers, from quests and dungeons to ascend the leaderboards like wildfire!
- You can spend Embers in the event shop for extra loot.
- There is an individual and guild leaderboard that tracks collected Embers throughout the event, as well as daily leaderboards.
- The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and breathtaking rewards for Embers collected.

The event ends at 8am Central time on Monday, August 26th. Get ready to turn your enemies into ashes!
Please note that the Event shop will last until Tuesday, August 27th - 8am central time.

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