Chromatic Celebration – Let’s bring some color into the battlefield!

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Here’s how this flashy event works:
- Win PvP Raids with the same element Heroes to gain points on the Leaderboard. You gain 1 Leaderboard Point for each Star on the Heroes you bring!
- Each day, the *Boosted Element* will be different (this means, i.e: only Water heroes will gain you points in PvP wins on day 1, only Light heroes will gain you points in PvP wins on day 2... and so on, see the days list below):
Day 1: Water
Day 2: Light
Day 3: Dark
Day 4: Fire

NOTE: All points gained each Boosted Element day will be added to the Individual Leaderboard totals throughout the event.
- You get the chance to use a Daily Champion in a winning team and gain EXTRA 15 points! You’ll get to fight along with the wacky Jester, Miko (Water); Light’s hope, Jin Lei (Light); the cool Yan Luo (Dark) & the fired up Archon (Fire)
- Earn Event Tickets by completing Quests and winning PvP Raids. Gain 25 Event Tickets for every Raid loss! Gain 50 Event Tickets instead if you win the Raid! Retreating from a PvP Raid will not award any tickets!
- Also, there is a small chance to win 200 Event Tickets for a PvP Win, replacing your 50 Event Tickets win prize!
- Spend the Event Tickets in the Event Shop for some cool offers!
- Compete with all the other players on the Individual Leaderboard which tracks Leaderboard Points, and on the Daily Leaderboard which tracks daily Event Tickets!
- The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and brilliant rewards.

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, September 2nd. Summon the power of the Elements and win Epic rewards!
Please note that the Event shop will last until Tuesday, September 3rd - approx. 8am central time.


  • AJleiiikaAJleiiika Member
    edited August 2019
    Hi developers! What if i dont have grog-gnorg? How i must complete 1st day quests?
  • You don't, sorry. :(
  • This event was awful. Just awful. Playing events and the game should be fun. This one was: lose 8 raids with specific heroes to get the daily quests done and hit the very minimum thresholds.

    You want one Superior Foresight rune for 45000 tickets? Just win over 700 raids in 4 days. (WTF!?!)

    Low level players don't even have all the required heroes or can't build build "all x color" teams to complete quests.

    High level players might have the heroes. But how are they supposed to beat the ridiculous Reyla meta teams that everyone runs with a full water/fire/dark/light team?
  • I needed the days off. Worked for me.
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