Happy 4th Anniversary!

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We hope you had a blast all this time and to mark this festive occasion we offer you some special anniversary quests with great rewards! Thank you all for your continued support throughout this epic adventure and look forward for more awesomeness to come! The Special quests are available until Saturday, September 7th - 8am Central Time.

ALSO: Check out the awesome Labor Day special offers, available for approx. 48 hours.


  • Happy birthday DB
  • Congratulations on 4 years.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dungeon Boss! :)

    Just for the record: The offer of 2 Elite runes for 60,000 gems (in words: sixty thousand!) is hilarious! :D
  • I been playing db since year 1 stopped when it become pay to win game it was about year back. I come back sometimes to check in if something has changed and nop it's still pay to win. even 4. anniversary event missions there is so much grinding 300× 5 is 1500 energy, 300 loot keys. 100 wins on pvp.... Im speechless. On anniversaries you give free stuff not missions where people need to grind to get some stuff. Completing missions you will spend more gems than you will get back.
  • I mean it was kind of nice to get those elusive legendary tokens and burn some stamina, but other than that it was another regular old event where you have to continuously grind for rewards. I liked when we just got a gift of summons, gems, runes, and tokens.
    There once was a monster from the ice
    But here's a bit of advice
    Don't try to fight him, your fate will be quite grim
    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
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