Rune Mania is here!

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A reminder of how this DIY rune crafting project goes:

- In this event, you will be able to craft up to a maximum of FIVE runes with the stats of your choice!
- You start by selecting the Element (Light, Dark, Nature, Water, Fire) and then decide on up to four different stats for the Rune.
- Each Element will let you to choose any combination of the usual stats for that Element in the first three slots, while the fourth slot will let you choose a powerful Passive. As with normal runes, you cannot have the same type of stat more than TWICE! (I.e: you cannot have a Rune with +Defense three times)
- The chosen Element will limit the possible Rune stats you can choose - If you want to craft a Rune with some Attack bonuses, you better not choose Water as your element.
- Stats slots are unlocked using Event Tickets, or Gems for the Passive.
- Stats can be switched at any time during the crafting process. Once you’ve decided on your perfect rune, choose the Finalize option and it will instantly be sent to you in the mail, so you can equip your Heroes as soon as possible.
- The upgrade cost will increase for each upgrade you make – the more stats unlocked, the better the final Rune!
- Grab event Tickets from Dungeons and Quests to build your desired Rune!
- Finalize all FIVE event runes in order to complete the Special Event Quests.
- Venture into the Spirit Battlegrounds event Dungeon for an additional challenge with an upscaled Event Ticket payout!
- All crafted runes are automatically 5-stars Legendary and the best part is that you get to keep them!
- There are individual and guild leaderboards as well as Daily Threshold leaderboards.
- The Daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day, featuring new awesome loot.

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, September 9th. Get ready to handcraft the perfect runes to boost your way into battle!
Please note that the Event shop will last until Tuesday, September 10th – approx. 8am central time.

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