Device Sync Question

So, I have 2 devices I want to play Dungeon Boss on simultaneously. Before I log in to my account on my second device, I want to know:
a. If I make progress on one device, will it update on the other device the next time I load it up?
b. Will I (hopefully not) break the game in any way if I log in on both devices at the same time?
c. Are there any possible problems that can happen from doing this.


P.S. Devices are BlueStacks on my PC and mobile phone if that is relevant information.


  • DB stores your progress for each character (DBID) on its own servers.

    I'm going to make a well-informed educated guess that DB will not let you play the same character(adventurer) on more than one device simultaneously. When you finish a session in the game on a device, your progress is saved to their servers (actually its saved during play but that won't matter for this purpose). When you either explicitly choose to login to that character again or by allowing a device to login automatically to that character again, you will take up where you left off.

    If DB were to allow you to run multiple versions of your account on multiple devices simultaneously, the problems that would create for them would be huge.
  • That's right, you can run one account on different devices (side by side) but not at the same time. Progress is saved no matter where you play. But if you try to login on your PC while you're already logged in on your phone then you will get an "out of synch" error on your PC and get booted. An account can be used on one device at the same time.
  • Ok, thanks. :-)
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