Boss Invasion – Join the Dragon Dance!

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What’s New
- Each day the Boss’ Element will be different, as follows:
Day 1: Fire
Day 2: Nature
Day 3: Water
Day 4: Light
- If you’re level 70 or higher you’ll be able to get the best of the Chaos runes:
While equipped with the new TAINTED Event Rune, you gain 3x Damage in the Event Dungeon and while equipped with the new SANCTIFIED Event Rune, you’re guaranteed a critical on all attacks!
- Even if you’re not level 70 yet, there are still some cool perks to check out:
The HEARTSTOPPER Event Rune guarantees a critical on all attacks if equipped and while equipped with the WARRIOR Event Rune, you gain 3x Damage in the Event Dungeon!

Here’s how this event works:
- Team up with your Guild and strike down the terrifying Voidmaw!
- Event dungeon is reset after 4 hours OR by defeating the Boss with your Guild!
- Complete Quests for great Prizes that will help you take on the evil Dragon!
- Damage dealt to the Boss earns Guild Points, so hit him with all your might!
- Alrakis Skullkeper gets up to 5x Attack and Health boost against Voidmaw based on his star level and his allies get half of that boost.
- There are individual and guild leaderboards as well as Daily Threshold leaderboards.
- The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards.

The event ends at 7:59am central time on Monday, September 30th. Get ready for the fierce battle and grab the majestic loot from the Dragon's lair!
The Event Shop will close at the same time as the event, as there is no specific Event currency.
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