Let’s enjoy the meteor shower with Draconids Celebration!

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Here’s how this cosmic event goes:
  • Various Heroes get the Turbulence buff during the event, a boost which changes every day and affects different elements as follows:
    Day 1: All Nature heroes gain + 10% ATK, DEF & SKILL
    Day 2: All Fire heroes gain + 10% DEF, SKILL & HP
    Day 3: All Water heroes gain + 10% DEF, ATK & HP
  • Gather your best allies and face-off the danger lurking in the Draconids Dungeons! Explore each of them for awesome rewards and a chance to ascend the Leaderboard ranks!
  • Each one of the dungeons is linked to a different set of quests and they also have escalating difficulty after every win! The Dungeons power up but also the rewards become greater! Beware though, as heroes defeated while running the dungeons stay defeated! (TIP: Revived heroes during a fight will remain unlocked only if you finish that specific dungeon)
  • In order to make your heroes available for use in the event again, use a Roster Refresh in the event shop to reset them. The Roster Refresh will also reset the dungeon difficulty to aid you in your challenges.
  • Use Courage to enter the event dungeons. You get 40 Free Daily Courage while the event is running.
  • Earn more by completing quests or by visiting the shop. On the day AFTER the event ends, the excess courage in your inventory will be available for conversion back to Stamina using a special shop item.
  • All dungeons will reward Dark Moons throughout the event, however you can get the most of them in the Draconids Dungeons! Grab the most Dark Moons and work your way up in the Leaderboards, BOSS!
  • There are individual and Daily Threshold leaderboards. The Daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day, featuring awesome rewards.
  • The event ends at 7: 59am Central Time on Thursday, October 17th, so let it rain with lots of loot!
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