PVP freezes after charmed Archon flees

While running PVP with Zomm, Lily, Hopper and Archon, I have come up against teams containing Ella. My Archon is weak and I am only using him for the current quest line. On Ella's turn she charms Archon. When Archon hits Zomm, Zomm retaliates and Archon flees. The game then freezes, presumably waiting for Archon to hit the remaining members of my team.

I have managed to continue by stopping and restarting DB, and continuing the dungeon, although a couple of times this just put me back just in time to have Archon flee again. The last time I restarted just after Archon fled and was able to continue and win the PVP.

I ran the replay of the fight (Panabas vs tedders4) and it freezes at the same point, requiring DB to shutdown.
Can you please look into this.


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