Ferno Rework!

JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
The announcement for this slipped through the cracks a few days ago, but everyone's favorite green dragon has gotten a bit of a rework!
  • Ferno now gets the Final Breath I / II / II passive! On death, Ferno will deal AOE damage to all enemies 25% / 35% / 50% of this Hero’s max HP as Fire Damage. All allies gain full energy/Allies have all abilities powered. (New trait)
  • Ferno now gets the Dragon Power passive after being ascended once. This resurrects him once after death if at least 1 Ally is alive. After resurrection, he gains x2 damage on all attacks. Can't be stolen, copied or purged.
  • Wildfire Breath now purges all debuffs on Ferno.
Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
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