Icebloom Tourney

How's everyone doing going into the last day of the icebloom tourney? I signed in tonight to see @juanosky rack up almost a 2000 trophy lead. Had to put in work to catch up. ;).

Found six 100 trophy raids today along the way.



  • Really wanted to fight one of the above players, but the level gap :#


    Only itpci left :D


  • This guy's making it expensive for both of us, haven't managed to break him yet. Got a couple of 100 wins too, so your raid didn't leave too much of a dent @theKO ;) cnkynk1f5kb3.png
  • This has been a rough tourney for me.


    I have a feeling it's gonna be a fight till the end. I'm glad I'm not in the 60 brackets. @theKO great ratios! @iTPCi googo! You got this. And @Hakona thanks for giving me a heads up on this thread lol.

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  • JoeyCippJoeyCipp Member
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    Don't need bloom.. My bracket is kinda laid back
  • My bracket is easy peasy with my main competitors having very low average trophies per raid and they have many defence losses and few wins lol! I feel like this is a great opportunity for me but two of the guys insist on buying bucket loads of raid tickets and always hover around me. I fear that even if I gem and get a couple of thousand trophies in the lead that they will simply stay up all night and catch me up. I'm gonna go all out before bed and hope they just give up because they're currently on 3x the amount of raids as me and the same trophy count.
  • I'm surprised to find myself at number 4.

  • iTPCiiTPCi Member
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    I think I got this :smile:


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    Time for some PVP!!
  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I'll be landing about #20. My tourney is rough.
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  • iTPCi wrote: »
    I think I got this :smile:


    Can you post your team?
  • mvi01vdpxh2x.png

    Same crap every tournament
  • My tourney is on the slide, bought a snowman with my wreaths instead5vth37g5k2dr.png
  • p.s have you raided me thrice @theKO? Glad to be of assistance
  • I'm out of wreaths. FML!tgoy1graoqyq.jpg
  • 0nxl3u0j2jyo.png

    I guess it's pretty easy to spot the people who haven't slow leveled - aka me -_-'
  • p.s have you raided me thrice @theKO? Glad to be of assistance

    @SonofSparta101 your bait team was worth 100 trophies. I couldn't pass it up. You're like the gift that keeps giving this tournament. ;)
  • @juanosky Good tournament so far. Thank god for wreaths.

  • @mikosurnit sick ratio! well done spud! :)
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  • Easy tourney if i'd have cared enough but like this i just made yerdua spend all her **** for something i have maxxed anyways lmao
    ratio is pretty fine imo, got a few -100's sadly but who cares.

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  • Wow, @mikosurnit Ridiculous ratio there. Nice work.
  • I unlocked Icebloom today then won the tournament , and now I have a shiny new 4* Icebloom.
    Now I am tasked with farming the evos to ascend her and the gold to level up her abilities.hmg2s0mk1y3c.jpg
  • 50 minutes for me catch up 1100.

    @iTPCi don't want to be same bracket with you :D


  • Well fought by 2nd place but I was adamant on getting the reward. Just thinking about how many gems he spent with the rewards only being 10 tokens makes me feel... good that I got 1st :3

    Wp Jag8or wp.

  • MitchRadMitchRad Member
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    :o ^^ Glad I'm done with that slow-leveling game! Good times, I needed this cuz my portal is bloomless...

    Chex our defense though! xD 57-59 is fish in a barrel, fellas.


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  • 6p79pjubsems.png

    Cong @iTPCi , hope for another igorok tourney o:)

  • Cost me over 5k wreaths, but well worth it. I now have a nice, new level 5 Ice Bloom at level 30...


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