Looking to use a new bait team

I've only used one bait team and nobody has attacked me in two days so its time for a new bait team.. Comment which 3 heros you would use for a bait team and if I use your pick and it actually works I'll reward you with something special :wink:

Current Bait Team - Bovus - Tsume - Igorok


  • My current team is Willow - Bovus - Rocky. I got attacked some for the first few days but now no attacks in 2 days... maybe it had a lot to do with number of stars, people see more stars than they are used to and stay away? Also a lot of people stay away from attacking any team with Igo.
  • They only really work on the first few days of a tournament. After a bunch of people lose, it changes. It could go from +4, -13 to +22, -67. I actually saw a bait team that was -67 trophies on a loss. I think it was +22 trophies for a win, it was somewhere around there.
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  • I use BD, MK and Ponti.

    If your Rocky is high star then you could try BD, Willow and Rocky.
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    This should works: Yokozuna (FA if you have the evo), Sifu, and the last one either Tsume or Rogar (whichever give you the lowest hero power, but don't use both).
    If you brave enough use Yokozuna, Abigail, Bovus. This also works wonder if all FA'ed (don't worry about stars). In the last two tourneys I had 22/22 successful def wins with this team with average +18 trophies per win.
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  • @Hompipah I'll have to try that Yoko combo. Sounds intriguing.
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