Player Vs Player Update?

Hello all!

I've noticed that all of the players in my league now have 10,20,30,40+ defensive battles. Was there an update to pvp so it changed match making some how?



  • Can u post a screenshot
    Guild: Society of Bosses
    Time for some PVP!!
  • Or maybe it is just a function of being a higher level now and pvp is a lot more active at this level range? I don't know, it just seemed like a huge spike in defenses from the last tournament to this one.

  • I'm wondering what the heck defensive teams are people using to get so many people to attack them? No one is attacking me and I have a 3-hero defensive team!
  • That is the level 57 phenomenon. There are WAAAAAAAAY more level 60/61's than any other level and at 57 you start to show up for them to attack. Level 57's are kind of like low level tower fodder to them lol... I'm only 2 levels away, and then..... ouch!
  • Okay gmun. That makes sense. Thanks for the info! I guess I'll just plan on getting attacked a ton for the next few levels!
  • When i reached level 57, I did everything possible to get out of there. For certain, that is the worse level to be at. I had a hard time keeping up with offensive victories to balance the defensive loses fromlevel 60/61 teams. Looking back, I should have used a two hero defense team like diamond and Tsume. It probably wouldn't have given most level 60 teams enough trophies to bother. And if diamond crits, you can have a big defensive victory while only loses are only a few trophies.
  • Good idea! I am going to try that.
  • I'm in level 57 now and I can tell you I am getting pounded. I think that level-capped players should only be able to raid each other. Isn't there a huge pool of them? In my bracket, if you are not level-capped you are toast.
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