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Q: Why did the game change? Where did my heroes go?
A: The game was good, but we wanted to make it GREAT – like our heroes! They needed to stand out more, and we wanted to highlight their unique strategic abilities better. The new features also give players more ways to explore and achieve, more directions for progression of their heroes, and more ways to customize their game through My Dungeon. We’re also bringing an added layer of PvP through dungeon raids and guilds (in the works!). The need to clear all player history with this update enables everyone to start on a level playing field. Simply put, Dungeon Boss is now better than ever - enjoy!

Q: What are hammers used for?
A: Hammers are used to upgrade your personal dungeon, which is unlocked when you reach player level 10.

Q: The level I just unlocked has 4 character slots, but I only have 3 characters. How do I get another?
A: Heroes are earned by collecting tokens, which can be obtained by playing the campaign or from the Portals, which can even yield full character drops.

Q: What is the benefit of increasing the star rating of my heroes?
A: Every additional star a hero gets improves their core stats significantly. Basically, they’ll hit harder, dodge more attacks and have more health.

Q: The game shows my heroes are at max level when it says it is at X/60. How do I level them up?
A: The player’s level dictates the hero’s level limit. Increasing your player level will unlock the ability to upgrade your individual heroes in the game.

Q: Why can’t I choose the order my heroes attack in?
A: Heroes attack in the order of their speed. There are Fast, Normal, and Slow heroes. If a hero has no speed tag, then they are a Normal speed hero.

Q: Where do I get the required materials to ascend a character?
A: Evos can be found throughout the campaign. Under the Ascend tab on your hero’s stat sheets, you’ll find the evo “recipe” need to unlock a new level of powerful battle abilities for that hero.
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