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This Dungeon Boss Forum is a positive and friendly place intended for discussions about the Dungeon Boss game. Share your game tips and tricks with other players, get Dungeon Boss news and learn more about the game here.

To use the Dungeon Boss Game Forums, you must agree to follow these Forum Rules:
Play nice, be yourself and be a respectful and positive contributor to the Community here.

Acceptable Use Policy:
  • Keep posts family-friendly, please.
  • Vote down content that breaks our rules (power to the people!), or report to a moderator.
  • Keep private matters private, and keep real names and emails out of public posts. In addition, please do not do not repost or discuss any private messages or emails you receive from other forum users, moderators, or customer support.
  • Be yourself here! Impersonating another poster or misleading others is a no-no.
  • Post only original material. Posts featuring copyrighted material will have to be pulled, but posting screen-shots of the game is just fine!
  • Promoting or encouraging illegal activities is not allowed (or cool). Neither are ads - we don't need to know about mortgage financing opportunities or dietary supplements here.
  • Do not resurrect "zombie" or older threads without any meaningful contributions. Posts such as "bump" etc, do not contribute to the discussion. Thanks!
  • Keep posts respectful and constructive. Everyone has the right to disagree, but do not post comments that exist solely to be inflammatory or attack others.

To report an inappropriate post, click on the “flag” button in the lower left corner of the post and select the relevant category.
  • Spam: Posts that are off topic, gibberish, one word posts, a post that the same user has made in another thread, the same post made multiple times in a row, or one that’s advertising something outside of the game.
  • Abuse: Something that is highly offensive, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate. Is someone trying to start a flame war? That’s abuse.
  • Report: This bring something *directly* to our attention. If something has gone very wrong and you want to make sure a moderator sees it ASAP, this is the button you’re looking for.

Regarding Exploits and Accusations:
Fairness is of the utmost importance to us. We take matters of cheating very seriously and will always investigate when something is brought to our attention. However, we will not be make any posts outlining our investigation findings or changes, as such changes are proprietary and could potentially be used to seek and discover potential new methods of cheating. Furthermore, our policy has always been, and will continue to be to not post the names of players discovered using exploits.

In addition, if you have suspicions or proof of players cheating in any form, regardless of it being exploits, hacks, botting, or other methods, please send them to me (@joel) as a private message, but do not post such things publicly. Accusations quickly lead to witch hunts, which are unproductive and toxic for the community. Furthermore, if players know that they are being accused of cheating, they may attempt to do things that hinder our investigation, so keeping such things private is in the best interest of whistle-blowers as well. Any information sent to us via PM will be always be taken seriously, and will be regarded as confidential, but posts regarding any form of cheating or accusations of cheating will be deleted and will result in warnings or forum bans if the same person continues to make such posts.

Useful Links: The Terms of Service and Terms of Use links can also be found on the footer of each page. Convenient, right? Have fun out there!
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