New Boss Bundle

I have a question about this bundle. It says 20 tokens for Willow, Stonefist, Yasmin, and Rogar. Lets say im at 11/20 for Willow, and 15/20 for Yasmin. Will I get the full amount of tokens for these or will it just go to 20/20 for Willow and 20/20 for Yasmin? I dont want any to go to waste.



  • It will add up. 11 existing + 20 = 31 tokens for Willow. 15+20 = 35 tokens for Yasmin.
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  • Thanks for the info!
  • i purchased the bundle today and ended up getting only 1 token for each of willow, rogar, stonefist and yasmin which is disappointing. i submitted a support ticket and presently waiting for a reply.
  • Even if you have a 6* hero you get excess tokens that will go towards 7* if and when they introduce that
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