Dungeon Boss Update: Blessing of the Seeker Overview

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*Joveth Note: The next major game update is coming very soon! We’re previewing some of the biggest new features ahead of time so players can familiarize themselves with them and be ready when the update goes live. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! Greg here once again to reveal a brand new feature that’s coming out in our next major update. It’s called Blessing of the Seeker and it will give you an opportunity to earn a permanent boost for each Hero in your collection. The Bonus adds 15% to the extra damage you do to enemies that are weak to a Hero’s elemental attribute. To give you an idea as to how much of a difference that is, if your Hero’s element is Fire then they currently do 30% extra damage to Nature. This will make it 45%.

How do I earn a Blessing?

There is a series of Quests which reward you with Blessings when you collect specific quantities of these new Orbs that we’re introducing in this update.

Orbs have a chance to be loot in the new Challenge Mode dungeons and can also pop out of the Heroic and VIP Portals.

The Quests start with a requirement of 100 Orbs, 250 Orbs, 500 Orbs, and finally 1000 Orbs to complete. The 1000 Orb quest then repeats. Each Quest reward will give you a full Blessing unlock for one of your characters. You can’t stack these, so choose your characters wisely!

As a related new feature – the Quest window is now tabbed. The new tabs are Daily, Campaign, and Event. You can find the Blessing quests in the Event tab.

How do I apply a Blessing?

Once you have completed a quest to earn the Blessing a Hero’s portrait in the character sheet will show you the “Apply Blessing” button.

Simply cycle to the Hero you want to have the Blessing and press the button. In this example, I chose Ignus.

You will then be prompted with a confirmation window.

Now you can see Ignus has the Blessing icon on the portrait.

What exactly does this Blessing do?

All Heroes have an elemental affinity. In my case Ignus is a Fire affinity Hero. He does extra damage to Nature element Heroes. Normally this damage is a 30% boost. With the Blessing this is now increased to 45%.

However, there is one catch! If a Nature enemy has a Blessing then my damage bonus from the Blessing is canceled out. This also works in my favor. Now that Ignus is Blessed any Water enemy that is Blessed will not get that extra 15% damage bonus vs Ignus.

If you tap the Stats page you will also see the damage increase for elemental damage has updated to 45%.

Can PVE enemies have Blessings?

Other players can and will have Blessings in PVP. Yes, PVE enemies can also have Blessings. Most of the later dungeons in the new Challenge Mode feature enemies with Blessings. It is highly suggested that you have your Heroes Blessed before entering those dungeons – you have been warned!
Have fun!

Greg Chapman, Dungeon Boss Lead Designer
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  • I can definitely see how some people may be worried - since for a while after release, some players will have blessed heroes thus giving an advantage over other players who cannot obtain blessings as quickly. It'll balance out over time - you'll only be able to bless your heroes as quickly as you can complete those quests.
  • Ow, this sounds cool.
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  • CapnJimmy wrote: »
    So once all heroes are blessed, essentially there is no real change as it all cancels out anyway?

    Yes. But I think it's safe to assume that blessing everyone will take a considerable amount of time.
  • CapnJimmy wrote: »
    So once all heroes are blessed, essentially there is no real change as it all cancels out anyway?

    It will be a long journey for it to happen but yeah, eventually everybody will be balanced out.

  • @TYRANNO992 Yup that journey will be long indeed, especially if the drop rates are closer to celestial evos.

    @Sylfae Starting in a hole, for sure.
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  • This is a very much needed upgrade to a pvp offense. Giving us the option to bring in blessed heroes and at worst cancel blessings out is an advantage the offense needs at this time. This comment has a hint of sarcasim and a dash of disappointment.
    I just want to give the devs the benefit of the doubt but pvp was just destroyed so I'm not optimistic.
  • Those costs are absurdly high. I bet we barely get more that 3-5 from drops too. Lower the orb costs and then this could be an exciting feature. I don't look forward to months of grinding just for one character to have 15% dmg.
  • @saketi I'm not sure I follow the much needed upgrade to PVP offense. We just received a game changing update to PVP offense in the last update that skews PVP very much in the offense's favour. This new update may have an impact during the time where blessings are being collected but once that period is over all characters will be basically on the same footing again.
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  • Cool , even though eventually everyone will be balanced out. I like that it adds an extra dimension to the games' progression
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    I cannot wait to bless my Overlord Executum! >:)
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    nunya wrote: »
    Pity I can't turn in my extra tokens for orbs. :(. But yay! for new content.

    lmao i have over 5,000 Excess tokens, this'd make me the king of the hill haha
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  • kartzkartz Member
    Ok, just when I turned my attention to farming tokens :) #ChallengeAccepted

    Thank you for the update, team! Looking forward to it.
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  • There's a poll for whomever does those. Who will you bless first?
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  • Hi devs
    Cool! But pleeez make blessings hard to get. This would be most fun if you had to be really thoughtful about yr fav heroes to update rather than knowing you could buy it fast or complete them all relatively soon. I'd rather be the owner of a team with many unblessed heroes if only cuz it would be the result of my unique prefs
  • Anxious to see what the rate of orbs earned through challenge dungeons are , as in will be able to bless a hero a week if we play daily..

    Also it's nice to see VIP getting some attention, though it is also a feature in heroic.
  • This is great stuff @Joveth. This would benefit the game greatly (referring to both posts). Ever think of taking a break on the greatness and just focus a few small updates on fixing chat, making things more accessible, etc. I mean, other games have updates for bug fixes all the time and I don't think I've ever seen a single update for this game that does that.
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  • VIP portal + money spenders with mass gems = all heroes blessed before the week even passes. This also means people will make more alt accounts, probably spend more money and a lvl 15 will now have their entire team fully ascended and blessed, creating yet another unfair balance.
  • Greatly looking forward to the update @Joveth. Will a blessed hero get any defensive bonus against a hero they are weak against who is not blessed? In your example both heroes were blessed. But if I have a blessed Ingus will I take the same amount of damage from both a blessed and non blessed IGOROK (All stats etc. being equal) or will I resist the non blessed IGOROK and take less damage?
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    Ur saying it's unfair that people who spend money get things faster and have an advantage?

    Rly? ....

    Looking forward to these changes,
    multi tab for q - awesome,

    grind universal orbs instead of specific tokens - awesome , don't have to run the same dungeons is well appreciated!

    Amount needed needs to be well balanced, to not hand them out for free, since it's the ( at least for now) last upgrade u can get for ur heros it should be a journey, though not to long to frustrate the majority. Rather have them to high and lower them later on then other way round and have a flood of blessed heros to fast.
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  • Haters hate everything no matter what happens.

    These new contents are awesome and will certainly excite most players for the next couple of months :)
  • CyadzCyadz Member
    I'm assuming the star level will increase to 7?
  • gmungmun Member
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    Cyadz wrote: »
    I'm assuming the star level will increase to 7?

    My interpretation would be that they went this direction at least for the time being instead of a 7th star.

    I think it would be smart to have the new upgrade unlock at some point, perhaps level 40 or 50 or 60... As I mentioned in posts in the past I think that might help encourage a bit less slow leveling.

    I think it's cool and look forward to seeing these updates.

  • This Blessing of the Seeker idea is interesting... but I can see how it leans towards high level players again. Since in Challenge Mode the player's heroes' levels are reset to that Dungeon's Recommended Level, the main difference will be in stars, which is something the high level players have in hordes and players that have played less have less. However, I don't think it will make that much of an impact.

    Great and interesting addition to the game though!

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  • When scouting a raid opponent, will we be able to tell if any of the defender's heroes are blessed? Or will it be a nice surprise?
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    MaCoPi wrote: »
    tylerronde wrote: »
    Those costs are absurdly high. I bet we barely get more that 3-5 from drops too. Lower the orb costs and then this could be an exciting feature. I don't look forward to months of grinding just for one character to have 15% dmg.
    You have absolutely no idea how you will be getting orbs and how many you will be getting per drop and still you are complaining, that seems premature.

    It can be you get x for every dungeon room you clear, or x for every enemy you kill, or x in the chest at the end of a dungeon.

    You had to collect 5000 wreaths for the skins during that event, but those dropped everywhere so that you could get enough to buy all 4 skins.

    And if you don't want to do "months of grinding just for one character to have 15% dmg", don't!

    Oh, just don't grind for it you'll live without it. That wasn't the way he was going about it. Months of grinding for only a 15% damage increase to the element you are strong against coupled with the fact that they are rare. How is "don't do it then" supposed to justify it somehow? What was different about the wreaths where that they were a bit of increase to all stats for a short time and a cosmetic item that made sense to work towards. It's a sad and pathetic addition in my eyes.

    I will always find something to complain about, even as ridiculous as it may sound.
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  • @Cyadz just... no....
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