New balog event no tokens

I did the first level of the new balog event a couple times and got a big chest and a gold chest. No tokens appeared on it. I did the second level and got a big chest and got one token.


  • Yup, I didn't get anything on the first two levels.

    Level 3 has been fairly consistent though. 20 runs done so far - atleast 75% dropped tokens, half to one third were 2 tokens. No purples yet.
    IGN- EricM, Lv. 51, Ch. 19
    Goal for the week: 58,216/60,000 Roster Power
    Token collection: 5,057/15,400 <- as of 10/06
  • for lv1, smallest one and siliver chest does not have chip but the bigger golden one does have one
    for lv2, smallest none, siliver 1, golden 2, gem box has whole hero
    lv 3 smallest none, siliver and golden seems the same and haven't been so easy to auto farming yet so haven't seen gem box yet
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