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Hello everyone. My name is Mija and I've been playing for 4 days.

We can say that I've finished the early game: I killed kang-kung, I'm at level 20 and I have some decent heroes for that lvl.

This last day I've been thinking a lot in which way to go from now. Should I continue leveling up and ascending my stonefist and willow or they are too bad for lategame? Should I start focusing on ella or lady nim? The thing is, I would like to know if there are 1-2 heroes that are "safe" to ascend and level up because u won´t regret it later. Heroes that can be used in more than just 1 or 2 compositions, that have attacks or skills that make them really good or just heroes that you really need to have in 70% of the team.

Thank you for your help! :)


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    Final product analysis of Rogar, Willow, and Stonefist. Hope it helps.
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  • Thank you for the guide. I already read that before posting. From what I see willow and stonefist are good, but while farming their token what else should I do? Which other hero is a "safe bet"?
  • Nub nub, rogar, tsume
  • You can never go wrong with nub nub and tsume.
  • Both stone first and Willow work in the lategame. And Willow is a very good Pvp hero.
  • Thank you for the answers. I will focus on Stone fist, Nub Nub and willow for now. Also, would lady nim or ella be a good addition to that trio as the 4th member? If not, which hero would you pick?
  • Level 33 here.

    Tsume is awesome, he's my go-to guy. I feel like you want either Yasmin *or* Nub Nub but you don't necessarily need both if you're the sort who wants to concentrate on max leveling a few heroes. I like Nitpick too, especially if you can make a whole Fire team.

    Nimriel is also very good, you can't go wrong with her. I don't have Ella yet but I'm planning on saving my next scrolls to get her.

    I didn't get Nub Nub until late and I already had several pumped up Nature heroes competing for the Nature evos so Nub Nub was somewhat put on the back burner. Everyone's story is different, but he's certainly a worthy guy if you didn't already invest a lot in Yasmin.
  • I run Lady nim regularly...with the other three you mention. I remove stone fist and replace with tsume if i dont feel the need for a tank on a level.

    The fact is no one knows what is perfect. I would pick lady nim just because she melts tanks....but again it depends
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  • Or you could go my route and figure since everyone's focusing on the same couple of heros to do some of the lesser used ones and hope it pays off late game - I'm going Squinch, Jabber, Lupina and Sir William. This is for pvp of course, pve all the above recommendations will serve you well.
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    ... Ok am I going crazy or is this not really a "mid game question" I think I need to get another cup of Joe.

    Mid game is like 30-40s. RIght?!
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    Eos wrote: »
    ... Ok am I going crazy or is this not really a "mid game question" I think I need to get another cup of Joe.

    Mid game is like 30-40s. RIght?!

    Yup - I'd say early game is until you get to the point where people who don't buy stamina refreshes stop gaining a level daily. Somewhere in the early 30s. Maybe right after the Lich.
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  • Everones definition of mid game might be different.

    Upto kang kung=early game
    kang kung-lich=early mid
    lich-sulfurous=late mid
    sulfurios-lvl 61=late
  • Hmm... I guess it'd depend if you were going off levels or time spent. In terms of levels, Kang/Lich/Sulfurous/Root divide the game into four quadrants (15/30/45/61). In terms of time, I think it's quicker going from 1-45 then 46-61 :p
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  • I've started Ella, but abandoned her for now. I'm in the 30's now, and Ella is sitting on the bench until I've completed the game. For me at least, the scroll cost seems a little high for my first time through... Those scrolls are priceless for unlocking characters and dropping rare evo's. I've read someone else stating 70k+ honor to five star Ella... Which is 140+ honor summons. Ella's great and all, and I'll level her later... Right now I'm looking mainly for rare evo's to help my ascensions.
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