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Level 51 running FA **** Willow, Black Diamond, Nim, and Tsume. I get a lot of action and losses. It is a defense I would avoid. Any advice to improve is appreciated. Thanks.


  • Look at the combinations that you are most often losing to. If I was going up against your defence, I would silence nim with torchy, drain energy with bonus, smite tsume with augustus and then use yoko to daze and he is also a great counter against nim.
    Maybe try adding in ekko or yoko in your defence. I would definitely start staring up yoko if you already haven't, same with ekko. They can be used a lot in both defence and attack.
  • LeajaLeaja Member
    I would recommend some kind of disruption for your opponent to have to worry about. Because if I were going against your team, I would undoubtedly be running Torchy, Tsume, NubNub, and then literally whoever else I want too that will live from the Willow + BD combo early on. My first action would be Torchy silencing your Nimriel. Next thing to consider is, your BD and potentially Tsume (depending on who else I choose to run on my team) will do enough damage to my Tsume to make my Savage Fury strong enough to practically one-shot your entire team. This will then be followed by a heal from NubNub that will make it probably impossible for me to lose.

    Now, when I say disruption I mean something like a Selwyn/Igorok to Freeze the Enemy team, Yoko for the crazy two-turn Daze and beefy stats, or a Bovus to start knocking down Energy. Nimriel has a decent single target disruption in the form of Get Over Here, because even if you don't kill the target, it does daze them, but other than that, you don't really have any way to hinder the team (ie, they have nothing to actually worry about). It seems like overall, you are half way committed to a Fast Kill team that does all the damage before the enemy team can really set up and half way committed to a Normal kill team with just straight up heavy hitters. My point is, I'd suggest adding more utility, whether it be heals, taunts, or disruption.

    A team that many people like to avoid is a team that features both Bovus and Igorok because of the fact that you know you are going to have a big disruption in your rotation unless you run a Torchy to silence Igor and then an Ekko to stop the Energy loss from Bovus. However, some people (myself at least) do not have an Ekko that is high enough star'd or Ascended to effectively be used in a matchup like that at my level (51). So, as a result, I will just avoid that matchup entirely because I know I won't even be able to get off my full rotation on the first go around. If that wasn't clear enough, all I'm trying to say is, it will severely hinder my ability to win that game not having the proper tools to deal with a team with both Igor and Bovus.
  • Willow on defense is pretty poor and even worse in the current Torchy-meta. Put BD in first slot to avoid the easy losses to Torchies at least. Also a disabler in first normal slot would be preferred, you need some way of avoiding Tsume to take out your entire team.
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    Thanks for the excellent advice. It is much appreciated.

    I am running Indigo, Yoko, Nitpick, and Tsume. Even though it is less powerful it seems to be keeping people away.

    I was running Bovus, Igo, Tsume, and Roger/Brom/Nub but the Torchy/Bovus combo was destroying me. It was going 4-26 in events.

  • LeajaLeaja Member
    Ya, that roster looks way more annoying than the original roster you posted (meaning that in a good way of course lol).

    Also, like you were saying, at your level the Igo/Bovus combo might be easily beaten at that point, good reads and ajustments.
  • People tend to avoid indigo altogether due to the fact that you don't really know who she is going to attack and silence. That little bit of randomization can quickly cause a well planned attack to fall apart. I have begun to notice certain patterns with who she will attack but she still surprises me ocassionally.
  • I avoid indigo when she is first up, unless there is a heap of honor or trophies available, and as long as Balog is not first normal speed. I always avoid Indigo/Balog, too random.

    To beat it I use NO fast toons. Usually its igo, icepick, ekko, snowgirl. That tends to take care of things. Even if defenders are Indigo/Bovus combo this team tends to steamroll things.

    Lvl 39 btw.

    But yeah current meta ppl tend to avoid indigo, report back how you go!


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