Fan Hero Sketch/Idea: Tiny Toe The Tidespear Goblin

The Archer Goblins! Yay!!! Except this tiny one uses a Boomerang!


Element: Water

Classification: Fast Goblin Rogue

Description: "As the tiniest goblin of the Tidespear Clan, he has been given the nickname Tiny Toe (Even though his toes are normal goblin toe size.) With his trusty boomerang, and backpack full of trail mix, He's ready to cause some mayhem towards his opponents!"

No Ascension
-Fast: Attacks first.

-Shifty: Initiate ability to dodge attacks.

-Battle Assistant: Will follow up any water ally or goblin ally attack with his own basic attack.

-Boomerang Toss: Basic ranged physical attack.

-Bewildering Boomerang: 2 Ranged physical attacks on a single target. The first attack has a 50% chance to daze, and the second attack has a 50% chance to silence.

First Ascension

-Shifty 2: Boosted 25% chance to dodge attacks

-Theif: On crit, purges an enemy buff and gives it to himself.

- Smokemix Bomb: Gives himself or an ally evasion, 2 energy, and a crit boost. The Smokemix bomb is made of 25% smoke bomb, 75% trail mix (In case anyone wanted to know.)

Second Ascension
-Bewildering Boomerang 2: The first hit now has a 50% chance to Daze, and 50% chance to Chill, and the second hit has a 50% chance to Silence, and a 50% chance to Frostbite.

-Boomerang Whirlwind: 2 Ranged physical attacks on all enemies. Gives team a small attack and defense boost.
Current Level: 70
Proud Member of the Potato Family
"We should have more tags."
Favorite Hero: Bauble


  • That is a pretty cute name! I like the boomerang-hero design, and the Battle Assistant angle is pretty interesting too.

    I don't like the Bewildering Boomerang 1 power though, since it's a bit random (Bewildering Boomerang 2 is a bit better, since at least you always hit in some status abilities)
  • Ive heard this concept before with the boomerang i think this has already been put forward. Pretty sure Julius has boomerangs on his back.

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