New lengendary caster idea - Ard'ves the elementalist

Ard'ves the elementalist

You tough my elemental control was the best in this world? Once you will see this mage he will make you think twice about the power of the elements. -selwyn

Stars: ***

Element: light


Mystic l: 25% more damage against tanks and slow characters.
Elemental mastery l: immune to elemental bonus.
Magical: take reduced magic damage.

(1rst ascension:)
Mystic ll: 50% more damage against tanks and slow target.
Mimic: gain an elemental touch on crits
Benediction of the elements: the team takes 5% less damage from elemental bonus.

(2nd ascension:)
Mystic lll: 75% more damage against tanks and slow target.
Elemental mastery ll: immune to elemental bonus and 15% chance to gain elemental skin when attacked.


Elemental blast: a powerfull energy bolt that deal magic damage.

Elemental laser: a powerfull laser that deal big damage (x3) on a single target, chance to burn, infect, poison, shock or chill on the target.
COST - 10

elemental unleash: the entier team gain the touch of his respective element.
COST - 7

Elemental drain: basic attack on all ennemies that take 1 energy from all of them and gives it to Ard'ves, deals extremely low damage.
COST - 7

(1rst ascension:)
Light evo (x43)
Dark evo monarch (x12)
Fire evo (x6)
Cryptic evo (x2)

(2nd ascension)
Water evo (x44)
Light evo monarch (x30)
Mind eye evo (x8)
Infinity evo (x2)


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    Neat idea! Just wanna point out the typo in the first sentence, though instead of thought.
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