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  • KKBB you missed the point. You're focusing on only half of the argument. Indigo is a great hero but not at this price. The argument is about value, And how much value we get for our gems, which are real money. If you keep her attributes the way they are, then she needs to be less expensive. If you keep her price where it is, then you need to improve her attributes. I have spent thousands and thousands of gems trying to get her to 4 stars and all I have to show for it are a few tokens. Argument is not about her as a character, the argument is about her price for what you get. Again, either lower her price or raise her attributes.
  • jimwymrjimwymr Member
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    Indigo math;
    Appears approximately 25% of the time in the VIP portal at 400 gems per pull for 9-12 tokens.
    4 pulls = 1600 gems = 10 tokens (average to simplify)
    3-4 stars = 100 tokens
    4-5 stars = 150 tokens
    5-6 stars = 250 tokens
    Total ==== 500 tokens / 10 token ave = 50x to hit on the tokens x 4 pulls hit = 200 pulls x 400 gems per pull = 80,000 gems. $100.00 gets you about 10,000 gems (depending upon VIP level and bundle size purchased etc) which translates to $800.00 to fully upgrade Indigo. This is just way too expensive for what you get and I for one, won't be using her. If perhaps the tokens per pull were doubled, reducing her cost to a "mere" $400.00 for full upgrade then I certainly would consider spending the money. The "other" option would be to dramatically increase her attributes to make her a worthwhile $800.00 hero.
    This all leaves 3 choices;
    1) Reduce her price
    2) Increase her stats/abilities
    3) She doesn't get played
    DB, the choice is yours. Keep us posted.
  • @jimwymr you also have to consider the money that you put in to become VIP 5 to unlock the portal. That makes it about $900
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  • i miss you Indigo, come back into my life, I'm sick of using that pretender Willow who stole your outfit.
    Current Wishlist: Solaris.

    Free agent.

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  • I have enough evos to ascend her to her first ascension but should I?
  • igorok wrote: »
    I have enough evos to ascend her to her first ascension but should I?

    Yes. She's very fun to play in the quests even though she's very expensive to get stars.
  • @meowstaa_ but I don't need her for campaign lol. As I imagine for most people with vip portal. Here are suggestions to make her viable (only one change necessary, 2+ preferred):

    1. Switch her first and last skill
    2. Give her agile and more hp
    3. Have chance to daze on every hit
    4. Immune to crit (maybe?)
    5. First Attack has chance to freeze

    Feel free to add any more ideas. Till then, she will be unlevelled and unascended

    6.Become immune to death.
    She should have some cons, or else her dungeon is undefeatable

  • She should have some cons, or else her dungeon is undefeatable
    Right now, her two biggest cons are that she cost too much in real money and she is too difficult to add stars.
  • Make her available in events I'm not spending £1000 just to get her! And I don't even have the VIP Portal so I'll never get her if she's kept there...
  • BlothBloth Member
    Unreliable hero that cannot be counted when actually needed.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I just got 5* Indigo today and probably didn't even spend $50 on getting her there. I dunno if I'm just lucky but the gems from the ToP have been enough for me to 5* her.
  • She was quite useful in vh event dungeon as long as she is shielded.
  • You DON'T want to fight a team with Indigo, Yoko, Ekko and nub nub! Skip it at all costs!!
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Indigo is a weird case for me. It felt like she was 1A and 3* forever, but now that she's 5* and FA and has been for only a month I think, it feels like it's been that way forever. Probably cuz I use her so much.
  • melkiomelkio Member
    i just managed to 1A her.

    at lvl 49 and having her just 3*d, she is part of my basic go-for team for campaign. with this team i managed to complete last level of gold island (not a huge achievement, but there it is..), and she does a lot in both challenge and normal campaigh. can't wait to star her up a little more.

    energy replenishment is just ABSURD

    also, has the 5 hits cap been removed? i'd swear i saw her dealing 6 if not 7 hits, and that wasnt a matter of lag, but i wasnt paying attention either... she just kept hitting forever lol
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