The Furnace Battles the Dwarves!



  • AdroRAdroR Member

    No stamina was purchased with gems.


    Was it all purchased with $ ?:)
    Congrats , that s a big achievement !
  • melkiomelkio Member
    you definitely deserve the materials to 5* furnace or 6* it if your's 5* already
  • AdroR wrote: »

    No stamina was purchased with gems.


    Was it all purchased with $ ?:)

    He already said it wasn't. If I had woken up earlier this morning or buy pwn store stamina last night, I'd be done as well without spending.

    The quest is easily done with the stamina you have if you have furnace. The challenge is the time it takes to finish it. Nobody should feel bad if they decided it wasn't the time and effort. I've been not feeling well and laying around watching TV anyway.

    FYI: this quest is only getting me to 4* Furnace. Since I'd need 6 unlocks to 5* and I can only do like 16 pulls, I am saving my gems for now.

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    Welp I may not be able to finish need a light due to coworkers making me work a split shift now! WHOO! Good luck to all those almost there.
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  • It's my 250th+ day, so I play this game only casually.. I have to say, that I never saw such frustrating quests,.. I liked the times where I could actually complete quests and GET the tokens..
    I burned 50 enemies, because I didn't even try
    I couldn't even kill one goblin in the boss room of vh..
    You won't get me back this way, the contrary..
    It's not even fun :-\
  • Got through it without buying any stamina.
    After all is said and done, way too much effort for too little reward.
    not to mention all of the other quests/tower/etc I had to ignore to get it done.
  • I really, really, really hope they don't do an event like this in the future. I managed to get through it but by the time I was done I didn't want to look at the game. This is a good way to burn people out on the game and never want to play it again. I understand its a choice to do it but for someone like me when presented with a challenge I have to complete it. Please, please, please don't do this again. Really bad business decision. I'm sure money was made but events like this are going to turn people away from the game.
  • japwizardjapwizard Member
    edited May 2016
    To clarify, I'm only referring to the Need a Light quest. The rest of the event was fine. Would have been nice to throw in a free summon though, especially with completing the 3000 burns.
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