Issue with crits?

I was doing the quest for 300 critical hits, and I can't figure this out. I used this team for Scorched Ice (I want a crypt evo): Black Diamond, Ekko, Jabber, Rocky. I was using Jabber and Rocky earlier with Yoko to get the daze quest, and these two were getting a reasonable amount of critical hits, but I finished the daze, so I moved to increase crits. Now with BD and Ekko, they are hitting crits like crazy, but Jabber and Rocky hit *NONE*, even with Assassin's Wrath and Energize active. Is there a bug with Rocky's passive for Jabber? If I use Jabber's second ability, then I can get him to crit, but not without.

Very strange, anyone else try this?


  • I took Rocky out and replaced him with Augustus. All the yellow heroes crit like crazy with energize active, but NOT Jabber. Not once.
  • Was jabber hitting a red enemy? if so, he won't ever crit on those.
  • shiggity80 wrote: »
    Was jabber hitting a red enemy? if so, he won't ever crit on those.
    Haha! Good point. They are all red, I totally forgot about that.

  • melkiomelkio Member
    y not using yoko ? it crits a LOT just with energize on.

    with indigo - yoko - ekko - nubnub i pulled around 40 crits/match, and 20+ dazes, whichever dungeon i played
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