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Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before, I did look through old threads but couldn't find anything on this specific issue.

I've noticed on the PVP leaderboards that some players are streaking ahead in trophies on an equal number of raids to me. It isn't because of successful defences, I've taken that into account, it is purely that they are getting more trophies per raid than I am being offered. I always go for the far right opponent, and I do occasionally get thrown a high-trophy raid, but even if I win that it still goes straight back to low trophies on my next three options.

My question is, is there a way to increase the number of trophies earned? For example if I attack with an underpowered team, say a three-man team, will it recalculate the trophies when I win? Or is it simply that other people in my PVP tournaments just endlessly refreshing until they get offered a high-trophy dungeon?

Thanks in advance


  • nunyanunya Member
    The more you win, the higher value opponents that you are offered. You will notice towards the end of a three day that you get higher value opponents. Also, I spend a ton of gold on refreshes. :)
  • I suspected refreshes might be a big part of it :/

    So if I was only being offered low-challenge/low-trophy defences, using a three-hero raid team wouldn't cause a recalculation of the trophies on victory?
  • Dad2KNKDad2KNK Member
  • nunyanunya Member
    It doesn't matter what your raid team is. It just matters how often you have won. At the end of a three day tournament , there are a lot of 100 trophy opponents. :)
  • Ok thanks, I guess I'll get back to winning then!
  • nunya wrote: »
    At the end of a three day tournament , there are a lot of 100 trophy opponents. :)

    Get away with your 100 trophies, I'm fighting in the little leagues, Level 17! +16 trophies is a big haul for us!

  • try to get a rough idea of the top end of trophies offered. For me, in the early 30's, it's not uncommon to see trophy counts into the mid 20's, so I typically shot for that. If I'm 4/4 attacks I'll refresh a couple times until I'm offered something above 20. When I clear that, if the raids I'm offered are below 20, I wait an hour or so and see what the game refreshes for me (I believe teams are refreshed every hour or so?).

    Basically, you don't have to use all your attacks at once, as long as your timer is ticking, you can wait and see if you're given a better option later. The only time I break this rule is if I'm going for a particular place on ladder and want to blow out the guys who are chasing me. If you have a huge lead on someone they're more likely not to chase you assuming you're willing to gem no matter what. Naturally, gold costs on refreshes can get crazy if you're not careful, so always keep that in the back of your head.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks, good advice. Sounds like I need to be a bit choosier then, and a bit more patient - I hadn't really appreciated that there is a timed refresh
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    Over the course of the tournament your PVP trophies are documented. The more you win the more high reward raids you're offered. This makes it so that those who expend effort from the start have an advantage over those who just start at the end.
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