Chapter 20 sky temple challenge mode

Any advice on lineup? I tried a few and failed. Last advice on chapter 19 was great.


  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    will advise bringing Therand to this dungeon. His armour hunter is a monster. I haven't reached this point in challenge yet but my advice and strategy is to test out the waters and find where your biggest issue is. Then cover that. Try and try again and you'll succeed.
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    *ping* any suggestion for Sky Temple?
  • jileyjiley Member
    Yoko (blessed) Therand Ponti Yasmin all 6* ( 3 energy for Boss level - try to have all abilities ready )
    I stacked Aegis Shield as much as possible before the Boss level on Ponti and Yoko.
    On the normal levels I gambled one turn for Yoko's taunt and it paid off after multiple attempts with other lineups.

  • Only picture I had, but this team three stared it for me with ease. mmwr17e7c1rz.png
  • I used Therand (6*), OE (6*), Aug (5*), Yoko (6*), all fully ascended. 3 starred on first try without using potions. Daze does wonders here.
  • I'm struggling to 3* this one. She mass resses too quickly! Im forced to kill the taunters cause they can 1 shot most people with shield bash unless Aegis is up. Then she resses them when they die when they are given tsumes ability do to more damage the less life they have. Ive seen her mass res twice within 5 turns... What kind of cooldown is that!?

    Failed using 6* FA Therand, OE, 5* FA Auggy and Yoko... What am i doing wrong? Ive tried 6+ times with the same result - Dead Therand.
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  • ItchytorturepoxItchytorturepox Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Another team to try is Indigo, Ekko, Furnace and Dagrund. Slow play it to build up Furnace's max HP and don't let Furnace drop Taunt (ever!).
    San Andria can be controlled using Combustion and silence & chill from Indigo.
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  • Has anyone managed to beat this one around level 62?
  • kpung07 wrote: »
    Has anyone managed to beat this one around level 62?

    Probably not since the potion exploit was fixed.
  • 4tom4tom Member
    @kpung07 @echonap

    I just beat it at 62 yesterday so it's possible.

    I honestly can't remember the team I used. I think it was gob team... or maybe undead... or maybe my typical slow team (indigo, ekko, blacksmoke, yoko). I think it was undead with (using yorick, ekko, oe, zomm).
  • 4tom4tom Member
    edited June 2016
    I just remembered. It was the slow team and like 45 minutes of my life. The one after is undead.
  • @4tom so you just keep boosting Yoko's hp? What about the ekko clones that remove taunts?
  • 4tom4tom Member
    I killed ekko clones first and foremost, they usually drop fast. Once they are dead, focus on clearing slowly so you can get as many Dagrund boosts into the round as possible.

    I start by boost Yoko's HP a number of times as quickly as possible. You need it to be high enough that you can leave him unhealed for a number of rounds. In the second/third rooms of the map I make an effort to get everyone else's hp up. I judge their hp pool by how much "additional hp" they gain each turn. Try to get everyone up to 1400+ additional by the time you reach the boss, though this is optional. But it will help prevent you from wiping if Yoko's taunt drops.
  • @4tom thanks a lot; I modified your team a bit and got it done. I just alternated boosting the 2 tanks HP and stacking as many aegis walls as possible before hitting the boss. It took forever but besides the first room I was never in any real danger.

  • 4tom4tom Member
    Yea, that might even be a better team. I always forget about Auggie because it took me so long to get him unlocked from portal... he's a BA
  • I used Therand Fiddlestrom, Sir William,Ekko,Augustus
  • My lineup: Yoko 4* FA/EKKO 5* FA/Ponti 4* FA/NUB 6* FA, level 70, some basic intermediate runes, 3 energy pots for boss. EKKO slams the red Alexandros', Ponti fi ganks the San Andreas fault. Struggles until this lineup, suggested by others. Time consuming, but 3* on first attempt with this team.
  • It took me forever with Nub, Yoko, Augustus and Dagrund, all 70, with over 16K power
    No idea how some of you did it at 62
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