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  • How are the summons looking for zen?
  • gmungmun Member
    My run of bad luck continues. Used all my saved up gems for last few weeks and got Zen on my 17th pull. I got 1 MK unlock which gave him his 6th star for me, all the rest was aether. Now I have no gems. So much like Kai this new guy will be 3* for many many months.
  • I won't be doing any more big pulling sprees given the new state of the game. I probably got very lucky but I got 6 Zen unlocks (And a couple non unlocks) in the 25 pulls I had. This plus the 2 bundles give me enough to 5 star him when the event ends and I get the last 20 tokens. Hopefully that will be enough for him to be competitive at the top levels.

    Take this with a grain of salt, as 25 is a very small sample size.
  • FoozleFoozle Member
    I got Zen in five pulls, so was fairly happy. The other 4 pulls were: full Icebloom unlock, 3 gold chests.
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