An Ancient Journal Unearthed (Pt 2)

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Yet another cryptic Page has been translated. & this one was a bit Long, hope you fellows enjoy.

Day: Unknown. Page: 2
"As I was traveling to the Lair of the Lich, I had to traverse through an ancient Cryptic Graveyard, scouring through the misty graveyard making sure I did not desecrate any Graves along the way, Lest I have to contend with some unwanted attention. Just as I was about to make a break for the Exit, something caught my attention. I could feel some mysterious Vibe flowing through the air, I just knew that familiar magic anywhere, so in turn, I decided to sidetrack a little and investigate this arcane disturbance (for my own plans of course.)

when I sidetracked and found the source, I could barely believe my Eyes, It was some sort of witch doctor, trying to seal away some ancient entity no doubt, using my uncanny vision, I had just seen the power that was just being sealed away, so just what did I do exactly? Well, like any Undead Would, I decided to tip the scales. with but a flick of my fingers, the witch doctors magic had became unstable & caused a bit of arcane backlash. the witch doctor had no choice but to seal the ruins with due haste. But by the time the ruins had been sealed, it was too late...

Standing tall and proud in front of the ancient crypt was an Undead hero so Legendary, he practically put some undead to shame. For it was none other. Than Lord Zomm!

The backstory for this part was like this:
Once a year on the night of 31/10/XX, the seal would weaken. which, in turn, allowed the Legendary Lord of the Dead to rise & wreak havoc & untold terror in the land(which was one of my favourite past times) he rose also to sate his insatiable Hunger for one thing, & one thing only... Brains (and possibly Undead Domination)

I greeted Lord Zomm just as a Noble would greet Royalty & I told him about how I was traversing to the Lair of the Lich to learn the whereabouts of a certain 'someone' about an Unknown Resurgence that was felt. Lord Zomm decided to journey alongside me, I thought it was strange that he wanted to journey with me, but he explained to me how he too felt the Resurgence that pulsed across the land (which may explain why he broke out of the crypt with such devastating power) with everything sorted out in the crypt, we went onwards (Well... Lord Zomm shuffled onwards with me) to the lair of the Lich..."

Like I said before. Looooooong. But hey, I ain't the one who wrote this, I am just deciphering each page as it is. Speaking of such, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next page after I finish translating the third one.

But here is a question for you to answer until the next page is deciphered: Who is the Writer of this Ancient Journal???

Page 1:
Total Zomminionation.
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