Challenge Mode - Root of all Evil Complete - No Exploit

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This was a good challenging event! For this area, I used the following:

3x Res Potions
Matsura Kira

The key is to keep Leo's magic resist aura and taunt + buffs up as often as cooldowns permit. Stack with shield and then use Ekko's energize to speed up cooldowns for Leo.

For the boss, try to stack sun worship and shock, and then hit hard with the spirit palm and intensify shock. Before using these on the boss, make sure your heroes aren't diseased from his Pestilence Breath or damage will be ridiculously low.

-edit: I saved Res potions to use on Leo and let Leo's eternal life ability bring Other heroes back to life. It also helps to do this in the main part of the dungeon when your heroes due to shield bash or exhausting blow.


  • How are you lvl 69 already ?! :hushed:
  • Gmanju wrote: »
    Good to know but until I see a video I consider that no one has completed the challenge mode yet. I got to chapter 20 legit at level 62 but some dungeons are taking me 30 minute's or longer
    Poffee complete all dungeons without tricks. he even didnt know about them! just imagine, its true.
    So what all think like it not possible to beat, we all fail. @Poffee is the man

  • What is the token reward for that level?
  • doxz86aj5cuc.png
    In game name is "Woozlee" - Message me your name so I know to make room to add you!
  • I completed this level fairly easily tbh - took about 3 attempts to find a good team that wouldnt keep dying up until the boss
    In game name is "Woozlee" - Message me your name so I know to make room to add you!
  • Well done Timm
  • @Timm2 Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to need it eventually. I temporarily gave up at the end of chapter 18, but I'll finish one of these days.
  • dawgpound513dawgpound513 Member
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    Worked for me!!! 2 starred it... MK lvl 70 5*, Leo lvl 70 6*, Ekko lvl 70 6*, Auggie lvl 70 6*...just what he said above....keep leo's taunt up the entire time...ekko to charge everyone, lightning, .... auggie for the aegis shield every chance you have, and MK for the main damage.... Game name is Turtlesoup92....I'm with a great Guild known as Satiated Gorgon....10k guild..will be in the top 10 in a few weeks....
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