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If I only have standard starred heroes, can I build a 3-heroes team?

My roster:
Igorok 3 star 0A
Ella 2 star FA
NubNub 2 star FA
Willow 2 star FA
Bovus 2 star FA
Nitpick 2 star 1A
Torchy 2 star 1A
Tsume 2 star 1A
Shadowblade 2 star 0A
Abigail 2 star 1A
Pontifex 3 star 0A
Astrid 3 star 0A
Nim 3 star 0A
Ignus 3 star 0A
Dagrund 3 star 0A
William 2 star 1A
Stonefist 2 star 1A
Yasmin 2 star 1A
Executum 2 star 0A
Rogar 2 star 1A
Therand 2 star 0A
Ekko 2 star 0A
Rocky 2 star 0A
Phemus 2 star 0A
Mangle 2 star 0A
Lupina 1 star 0A
Zurk 2 star 0A
Squinch 2 star 0A
Kobal 2 star 0A
Jabber 2 star 0A
Selwyn 2 star 0A

My current team is 4-heroes team, and it is: Shadowblade, Bovus, Ella and IGOROK (In this order). If you want, you can suggest a 4-heroes team too.

Thanks since now!

PS: I'm thinking to build a Shadowblade, Ella, Tsume and Nitpick team. Thoughts?


PS3: I have bias to some heroes, so I would want the team composed by some of then: Abigail, Ella, Shadowblade, Bovus, Nitpick, Igorok, Tsume, NubNub, Willow

Most biased hero atm: Shadowblade. He is a fast hero, and his signature move crits everytime (Not counting light heroes), gives him more dodge than he has (Shitry trait), and ignores defense. I don't know how often Shadowblade diseases on crit (First ascension), but if it is 100%, then it's one of the most powerful moves. Because it is deadly, and if it doesn't kill the enemy, it halves ATK and healing amount.


  • I would say no.. bait teams are built around 2-3 strong heroes that can over power an opponent, which means you need high stars. 4-5 stars in the level 30s, preferably, when in terms of the typical Black Diamond based ones. A demon team in the level 30s I'd suggest you need at least 3 stars all around for. You haven't stated your level, but most people asking for help with this kind of thing usually are in that range, so please bare with me. I would definitely say do something to power up black diamond, bovus and igorok, as they make great cores for bait teams. As for your biased heroes, I would avoid putting willow, nubnub and abigail on bait teams, as the way they work isn't really suited to the job.
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